Sunroom / Outdoor Room

Enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors year round with none of the nuisances with a Suncoast Enclosures Sunroom or Alfresco area. Your enjoyment of the porch, deck or patio no longer ends with the changing of the seasons, let us create an extra room on your house that you can use to open up your living and entertaining options. Our team will custom design a room that meets your needs.

We will liaise with home owners, builders and/ or architects to ensure your indoor/outdoor room is perfectly suited to your home and available for your family to enjoy the whole year round as well as increase the value of your property. Suncoast Enclosures only use premium materials, giving you confidence that your new Sunroom or Alfresco room will endure all the seasonal elements. Suncoast Enclosures can use an array of materials in the custom design and construction of your enclosure including: Glass, Screen, Insulbond or Polycarbonate roofing and Powder Coated Aluminium framing

When choosing screen as your wall and roofing material, we use our unique spline and groove system that retains the screen in place. With this system there is no separate framework for the screen – it is actually part of the structure itself giving it screen amazing strength that your kids and pets will not be able to penetrate.