Suncoast Enclosures has been working with architects, builders and developers for more than 30 years to develop cutting edge designs in glass construction.


We have worked with some of Australia’s largest developers and know what is required to keep a project progressing. We also know there will be hiccups that need to be addressed on the fly with a calm and professional approach. From clubs to high-rises we can cater to your project.


Aluminium or Steel, Onsite or pre-fabricated we can work with builders, developers, architects and clients to ensure that we provide the option that creates the best outcome.

Specialising in achieving results

Architects create some amazing designs that often require more skill and attention than is readily available. We have a a team of tradesman that specialise in aluminium fabrication as well as glass and other composite materials. Under the guidance of a small leadership team that each have decades of experience we can ensure that your project comes in on budget and on time.

Here a developer was after someone to build an opening glass roof as well as a one of a kind spa cover that allows for the room to be used while the spa is not in use. Keeping  with the industrial feel of the Terrace Home we designed a winch and pulley solution to lift a glass floor allowing access to the spa to become a breathtaking feature for the owner.