Suncoast Enclosures provides a range of products and services to suit any style or budget.

Suncoast Enclosures offers a full range of products that will transform your outdoor area into a new living space that will become your favourite room in the house. Whether it be enclosing your pool, patio or alfresco area, adding a room extension to your home such as a sunroom or conservatory or simply transforming a current living space by adding a glass roof that will open the space and bring light to your room.

We are specialists in our field, building enclosures for almost 40 years. We only use premium quality materials to ensure longevity of your new building structure that will last through all weather seasons.

Because we custom design and build all our structures, we can create a room to your desires and specifications.

Conservatories / Sunrooms

Enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors year round with none of the nuisances with a Suncoast Enclosures Sunroom or Alfresco area. Your enjoyment of the porch, deck or patio no longer ends with the changing of the seasons, let us create an extra room on your house that you can use to open up your living and entertaining options. Our team will custom design a room that meets your needs.

Pool Enclosures

A swimming pool provides great entertainment as well as being aesthetically pleasing. However, the maintenance and cleaning can absorb a lot of your leisure time. The decision to enclose your pool can provide you with all the benefits of having a pool with none of the hassles.

Glass Roofs

Provide protection and style to your home with a glass roof.

Transform your living space, bringing welcoming light and style to your home.

Modernise your home and make your room feel bigger and brighter with an internal or external glass roof.

Opening Glass Roofs

An opening glass roof brings the sky and outdoors in while keeping the weather out. The only thing nicer than a glass roof is the freedom to open it whenever you choose. Opening roofs offer fresh and sky at the touch of a button. Sometimes they are used as ventilation or access to a roof.


Provide protection from the elements without compromising on style by adding an external glass awning to your entry or walk way.

Suncoast Enclosures is one of very few builders who specialise in roof and awning glazing for the home and domestic use. We pride ourselves in offering this for domestic installation when many other builders reserve their service for commercial projects only.

Create an entryway with elegance and style to truly finish off the external design of your home.

Screen Enclosures

Screen is a spectacular product. It is not just ordinary flyscreen. Whether you want to create a maintenance free pool enclosure or want a better outdoor area without the nuisances Suncoast can produce this like no other. With our patented spline groove system Suncoast screens are guaranteed never to sag or pullout. Suncoast super strength mesh is imported because it is unavailable elsewhere.

Architectural Glazing

Expand that panoramic view or allow the presence of light in without obstruction.

Sometimes a picture window is just not enough. To take best advantage of a spectacular view you need a vision wall. Imagine a huge glass panel without bars to obstruct the view or perhaps a combination of  frameless glass panels, bi-fold doors, or stackable sliders. These all will help achieve your vision.


Conservatories are a haven of luxury. A Suncoast Conservatory will provide a well of light and space, giving you a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Enjoy a moonlit starry night or thunderous rain storm from the comfort of your glass enclosed conservatory.